Rodent Control Services

We specialize in residential and commercial rodent control services

Rodent Control Services

AAA Quality Pest Control offers safe and reliable commercial and residential rodent control.  We help eliminate rodents by placing rodent baiting stations outside. We put them near places where rodents typically hang out, such as under a deck or places where they try to enter your home, such as a garage or doors. We make these bait stations as inconspicuous as possible by putting them in places such as flower beds.

We use the same treatment methods for office buildings.

Having a Rodent Problem Can Be Costly And Hazardous

It’s a good idea to have rodent stations in various places around your home. This is important because these animals pose a danger for your family and home. The attic is the number one area in your home where mice, rats, and even squirrels build nests. Rodents love to gnaw, and they will chew wiring in your attic and cause a fire. 

Their love for chewing can be costly. They often chew and destroy the wiring and lines in appliances, which can result in a fire or the expense of replacing or repairing these items.

You also need rodent stations near your garage door and in other places on your property to protect your cars from severe engine damage. Rats and mice can cause expensive damage to cars parked in the garage or outside, especially in the winter.  When the temperatures drop, they seek a warm place to nest for themselves and their babies. They are attracted to warmth radiating from the engine after you park your car.  When they move in, they begin gnawing on your car’s wiring, causing serious, expensive damage. To complicate the problem, they also leave droppings and urine in the engine area and inside the car, which attracts more rodents.

Rats and mice living in your car’s engine can also cause a fire. They bring twigs, grass, and leaves into the engine to make their nest. The heat from the engine can cause the nesting materials to catch fire.  

If we find evidence that rats, mice, or squirrels are inside your home or office building, we refer you to a third-party vendor. They will monitor rodent activity and implement an exclusion method or other treatment to help make your home rodent-free.

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