Pest Control Services

We specialize in residential and commercial pest control services

Pest Control Services

We offer residential and commercial pest control services for a variety of  crawling insects, including fire ants,  other types of ants, cockroaches, other types of roaches, crickets, earwigs, spiders, and many others.

Making your home or business pest-free and keeping everyone safe from harmful chemicals are priorities for us. That’s why we pride ourselves in using safe and highly-effective pest control methods.

We avoid spraying or contaminating the inside of your home or business with chemicals unless it’s necessary. When we arrive, we will assess the pest control problem. If we don’t see pests inside the home or business, we will treat only the outside using the safest and most effective method possible. If we see pests inside the home or business, we will use bait inside and spray outside as well to prevent more from entering.

Fire Ants Control Services

Eliminating fire ants is one of our specialties. We treat individual fire ant mounds with bait granules. Typically, all the fire ants are dead before we leave your property. If we see fire ants in your home or business, we will treat the inside with safe bait as well.  

Phone estimates are available for our pest control services and we don’t require contracts.

We are available if you have a pest control problem that needs immediate attention. Call us at 972-359-7733. In most cases, we will respond within an hour. Otherwise, we will respond within 24 hours. We’re ready to help you become pest-free.

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